Training to Meet Your Goals

Your time is valuable!
Our training options are designed to help you achieve the results you desire,

no matter your time frame.



Creating Your Online
Hybrid Work Environment

Through Collaboration

Old Problems, New Mindset

Gearing Up for a Great Year

Bridging Team Diversity

Facilitating Challenging Conversations

Leadership Goal Setting

Designing a Clear Future During Uncertain Times

On Demand Training

Team Training

Give Your Team an Unfair Advantage

Customized to address your team’s unique challenges and skill sets, our Team Training sessions are designed to help get you actionable results within one session!

We provide both full and half-day workshops that address communication and conflict management, along with understanding differences that each individual brings to the table and how that can be a powerful tool.

Training topics include;

  • Communication Challenges
  • Conflict Resolution Methods
  • Active Listening
  • Collaborative Decision Making
  • Team Building

EMbrace Your Leadership

FREE 3-day Online
Leadership Challenge

Our Embrace Your Leadership Challenge will have you taking immediate action. Stop the ripple effect of dysfunctional conflict and begin taking action to create a connected and effective team.

Take action now and get immediate results with our FREE 3-day leadership challenge. Block your calendar for 60minutes each day, and commit to creating lasting results in your workplace. 

Start seeing immediate results and create a positive impact within your team. 

Elevate Your Leadership

Becoming Empowered Through Communication and Conflict Resolution

Do you know your team should be doing better, but something is not quite right? Are you tired of miscommunication and conflict taking time away from being able to do your job?

It’s time to begin reshaping your team and

Elevate Your Leadership! 

Our cornerstone course is designed to give you the Communication and Conflict Resolution skills essential to decreasing stress and reclaiming your workplace. 

Live Training Programs

Rising leadership

1-Month Live Training Program

Want to have your burning questions answered and connect with others who face similar issues within their team? 

Our Rising Leadership program spurs you to take action, create change and see results after just one day. 

If you are serious about accelerating your career and making changes on your team, this program will give you the skills and abilities you need to achieve your desired results.  

Each week trainers will focus on specific areas, built upon the previous week. 


Empower your Leadership

6-Month Live Coaching and Training

In our next-level program, we will give you the personalized attention to create the workplace shifts you need to compete in any arena.


This training will combine group and individual training sessions to address all your leadership challenges. You will identify opportunities within your team and be guided to take you and your team to levels you can only imagine. 


Our Empower Your Leadership program has a limited number of spaces and only takes enrollment a couple of times a year. 


Reserve your seat before the program fills.

Inspired Leadership

12-Month Fully Immersive Training

Ready to go deep and completely transform your leadership and your team?

Our Inspired Leadership programs takes a deep dive into each aspect of our training program. You will be given all the of tools and skills to become the catalyst for transformation on your team. 

By the end of this program, you will have found answers and taken action, addressed your biggest leadership frustrations. Come away with confidence, mentor others, and create a team you are inspired to lead. 

Reclaim your time and energy while enjoying your new team dynamics.

“The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them”

– John Maxwell