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Embrace Your Leadership - 1hr

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OUR GIFT TO YOU! Begin your leadership journey today! Do you lead a team? Is your time bogged down by miscommunication? Are you challenged by staff who just can't get along? Have you finally had enough and are ready for change? This self-paced Embrace Your Leadership challenge* will have you taking immediate action in under an hour! Stop the ripple effect caused by dysfunctional conflict and step into your role. Its time to begin taking action and create the connected and effective team you have been waiting for. • Begin designing your leadership future. • Create transformational conflict - reshape how you view and approach difficult conversations. • Take steps to reshape your approach to handling difficult employees. • Create immediate and lasting change with tools for skill implementation. Designed and led by two experienced mediators with over 35 years of combined conflict resolution training and experience. Decades of trial and error have been condensed into our most powerful tools to ensure you begin creating change NOW! Don't just learn the theory, say YES! to taking action! You will receive clear and actionable techniques to get you off the sidelines. Join the leadership revolution and begin create connections, changing communication and conflict in your workplace! Take back control of your difficult conversations, your happiness, and your leadership future. *This course was previously offered as a live session and edited for on-demand training.

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